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How to Make Essential Oil Sprays
Want a cheap and non-toxic alternative to spray air fresheners? Make your own. They are super easy to make, plus they use refillable spray bottles so you don't have to hurt the environment by using those hard to recycle aluminum cans.
Making your own essential oil spray will save you money, help the environment, and be much better for the air quality of your rooms.
Step 1
Essential Oils are concentrated scents that are easy to use for a variety jobs. Choose your favorite smelling one, or even pick a couple and make your own blend. I love the scent of lavender in the bedroom, orange and cinnamon in the kitchen, and rose in the living room, but choose whatever scent or scents you like.
Step 2
Fill the spray bottle almost all the way with water
Spray bottleFill the spray bottle almost all the way with water.
Step 3
Carefully add a couple drops of essential oil scent to the bottle of water. It is very concentrated so don't use too much.
Step 4
Screw the lid on the spray bottle and give it a shake to mix the contents. Spray the room wherever you want. This homemade air freshener will hang in the air fairly well, but you can also use it like Febreeze and spray fabrics. It's especially nice to mist the sheets right before bed. Shake the bottle to stir the contents before each use.
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