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We are instrumental in manufacturing, supplying and exporting various kinds of Plastic Containers,Metal containers and glass containers for cosmetic, food & pharmaceuticals packaging over 10 years. Equipped with microprocessor controlled continuous extrusion & accumulator extrusion type of blow molding machine. Engineering services nclude product design, tooling design, manufacturing, quality control & secondary operations including routing & finishing.
Our high-quality products have win us many steady and friendly Client and have been widely acknowledged and accepted by our valuable Clients, and we are sure that it is inevitable for Infullpak to become your ideal and first choice for your product packaging.
Our Main products include:
Plastic container- Plastic Bottle, Plastic tottle, Plastic Jar, Plastic cap, Plastic lid, Pump sprayer
Metal container- Aluminum tin, Aluminum Can, Metal tin, Aluminum bottle, Aluminum cap, Aluminum lid
Glass container- Glass Bottle, Glass Jar, Glass Vials.
Main Products

PET Bottles
HDPE Bottles
Tottle & Tube Bottles
Plastic Jugs
Pharm & Medicine Bottles
Dropper Bottles
Plastic Jars
Pump & Sprayer
Bottle Closures & Caps
Aluminum Bottles
Aluminum Tin & Can
 Metal Cap & Lids

Hot Products
New 43/410 Foaming Pump Dispensers with brush FP-Q
300ml Aluminum Flask Bottle ABP5058
300&500&1250ml Aluminum Perfume Bottle ABP5025
Decoration ALuminum tin box
4oz/120ml Square Plastic PET Bottle TB-030
White Plastic Bottle TB-036
50g/50ml Alginate masks PET Jar SJ5001
3g-10g Small Ointment Jar SJ5008
4oz Hair Wax Jar with Aluminum cap IFP-TJ5002
28mm Oxidized Aluminum Lotion pump dispenser LPY40
300&400&750ml Aluminum Sport Bottle ABP5022
100ml Aluminum Can ABP5003
28/410 Trigger Sprayer TSY4001
50g Color Candle tins wholesale AC-YS50A
2oz Shampoo Tottle Bottle IFP-E4028
200ml/400ml HDPE Shampoo Bottle with flip top cap
New Products
30/410 Foam Soap Pumps with Cover FP-T5002
40/410 Soap pump FP-Q5001
Liquid Laundry Detergent Cap CX5001
15g/15ml Aluminum Windowed Round Top Tin AC-YW15A
200g/200ml Aluminum Round storage Tin W/ Window to
150g/150ml Aluminum tin with clear top AC-XW150
2oz/60ml Cylinder Plastic cream Bottle with overal
24/410 & 28/410 Long nozzle Mist Sprayer MSX5001
250ml Square Capsule Bottle w/ child resistant cap
500ml Custom Aluminum Bottle ABP5042
250g Body Scrubs Tin AC-YU250A
Color Painting Candle tin can
47/400 Clear Smooth Thread Lid LF5001
5ml,8ml,10ml Mini Pen Perfume Bottle with Clip MSB
5ml,8ml,10ml Plastic Pocket Perfume Spray Bottles
1oz White Tottle Bottle IFP-E4029
Plastic PET Bottles
Plastic HDPE Bottles
Plastic LDPE Bottles
Plastic PP Bottles
Plastic Jar
Bottle Cap & Closures
Lotion Pump & Sprayer
Aluminum Bottle
Aluminum Tin & Metal Can
Aluminum Cap & Metal Closure
Medicine Bottle & Container
Packaging Accessory
Glass Bottle & Jar
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Building, No.447,Sanyuanli Road,
Yuexiu District,Guangzhou, PRC.
  History of Packaging
  Classification of Plasti
  Applications of Foam pum
  History of Mason Jars
  Mason Jars in US
  Application of Mason Jar
  PET is the Most Widely R
  Classification of plasti
  3D Printing
  Aluminum Cosmetic tins
  Aluminum Screw Lid Tin
  Difference Between Alumi
  Solution for Medicine ac
  RingCrown,RipCap, Ring-p
  Bottle Screw cap
  Different types of Closu
  Other Types of Bottle c
  Crown cork Or crown cap
  Various kinds of Bottle
  Loose Powder Containers
  Cosmetic bottle and cont
  Feature for PET bottles
  Injected-rubber Guard Al
  Aluminum caps
  Liquor Guard Cap
  High quality aluminum, i
  Helical Line Cap
  Drinking water and milk
  Aluminum and Tin Cans
  Nail Polish Bottle Manuf
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